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Adding unique value from Oil & Gas to Agri Industrials commodities and green energies

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Experienced group of multicultural professionals and industry veterans with proven experiences at your disposal.

Finding solid blind spots and testing feasibility plans before implementation.

We put into practice simple things that can be immediately implemented.





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Grains and Oilseeds

Unique expertise on procurement, trading, processing, logistics and quality management.


we do


  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    Due diligence. Joint ventures. Partnerships. Turn arounds. Valuations. Cash flow analysis and deployment. Post merger cultural issues.
  • Procurement and Trading
    Moving commodities from where they are plenty to where they lack. Regional arbitrages. Value chain. Back office documents. Multi-regional procurement planning. Stock Management Quality and quantity management. Warehouse, tanks, ports and terminals agreements.
  • Freight and Logistics
    Ocean freight. Trading and hedging. Container and multimodal transport.
  • Risk Management and Control
    V.A.R. Volatility control and strategies. Financial trading. Hedging. Cash flow stability.
  • Asset Portfolio Optimization
    Asset management. Refinery downstream. Crushing plant optimization. Commercial leverage. Improve operating models and processes.
  • Start-ups
    Balance sheet optimization. Story telling and getting ready for venture capital & private equity funding. Proper matching of events with time for execution.
  • Environmental - Social - Corporate Governance (ESG)
    Identifying non-financial factors as a process to mitigate risk for proper value creation. Focus on PPP : people - process and product. Discover new KPI (key performance indicators) for proper monitoring. Environmental awareness & greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction plans.
  • Foreign Company Representation
    We back you up. International knowledge with local culture.
  • Change Management, Succession
    Leadership Audit & Evaluation: assessments of the current leadership critical gaps. Evaluation of the organizational structure for efficiency, effectiveness, and alignment. Succession Planning: Develop and implement a robust strategy that ensures smooth minimizing disruption, and continuity in a strategic direction. Strategic Recommendations: Provide actionable recommendations for leadership development, organizational restructuring, and talent management. Stakeholder Engagement: Maintain communication with the Board, family members, senior management, and key stakeholders ensuring alignment. Change Management: Lead initiatives, fostering a culture of adaptability and preparing the organization for the integration of new leadership practices. Talent Management: Ensuring a pipeline of capable leaders ready to assume positions as needed either, by attracting external talent or by identifying and developing internal resources. Risk Management: Anticipate, identify, and mitigate risks associated with the leadership transition, ensuring the stability and integrity of the operations. Performance Metrics: Establish and monitor key performance indicators to assess the effectiveness of the succession planning and transition processes.
  • Interim C-Level and temporarily management
    Interim Executive Leadership: When needed and required temporary take over specific responsibilities from the current Chairman or any C-level for which, I am a highly adaptable leader, capable of swiftly transitioning between strategic positions and effectively managing diverse aspects of the organization’s leadership and operational directives.
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Power generation and Electricity

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Oils and Gas

Unique expertise in procurement, downstream, quality management, refining and just-in-time delivery programs.


Green energy and circular economy

Renewable energies, biodiesel, biogas, green feedstocks, circular economies.


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